January 5, 2010

Clarified butter poached rabbit

First of all, I must say that compared to the Christmas menu of the year 2008, this one was totally unorganised. I had no time to plan it, or rather I had time, but I overestimated and started it far too late. Until the day of cooking, I still didn't know how many courses I am actually going to serve, had also no idea of the order and so on and on. Pure chaos! And I can tell you, that nothing good may be the result of such an organisation or rather inorganisation! But post by post you will see what I am talking about. Now, let's see the first course: clarified butter poached rabbit with a "supposed to be" spinach custard and salad with walnut dressing. I haven't had rabbbit ever before, but I was very curious about it. I wanted to choose a very tender way of preparation for such a tender pieace of meat therefore I poached it.

The spinach custard simply didn't set, so it ended up as a "sauce" on the plate, I think I used too little agartine, but who knows. Ah! I almost forgot the best part of this dish, at least the best for me. I am talking about fried black radish flavoured with sumac. I love freshly garted black radish with some salt, okay, let's forget its smell, many people don't like it, but! If you haven't
had black radish yet, give it a go and fry it in some butter or olive oil!

4 rabbit fillets
250 g clarifed butter
3 garlic cloves
few thyme and rosemary sprigs
salt, pepper

Place the clarifed butter among the herbs and the garlic into a saucepan. Heat the butter, but do not let it boil, it should have a temperature around 70-80°C. Season the fillets with salt and pepper and place them to the warmed butter. Poach for about 35-45 minutes, depending on its size. When cooked, roll them in chopped herbs (like parsley, chervil) and serve.


Anonymous said...

It looks delicious! Sometimes those gitlches in the kitchen give birth to higly original recipes, as I'm sure your saucve turned out to be?

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Mmmhhh, a fabulous dish! Rabbit is so tasty.



Houdini said...

The dish looks great, indeed, and I think the rabbit is very juicy when poached instead of fried. I never tried it this way, but anyway, I so far always cooked rabbit with bones, chopped into pieces, and those need to be lightly fried and then simmered with carots, celery, bay leave, onion, garlic for quite some time. The sauce is delicious.

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