January 7, 2010

Deep fried quail eggs

No, of course I haven't only served the eggs as the 3rd course, but those were definitely the highlight. In fact this dish was the most complicated of all in this menu. I served fried quail breasts and legs on a potato millefeuille - based on Gordon Ramsay's recipe, but without artichoke, using normal and purple potatoes and instead truffle I flavoured it with porcini oil, though I had some truffle paste in the fridge, but I totally forgot about it, besides that wouldn't been the real stuff, if you know what I mean... - with ahorn syrup glazed parsnip and pecan nuts, a small salad with chive vinaigrette and a port wine reduction, among a fried and a deep fried quail egg.

So let's talk about the deep
fried quail eggs in macadamia nut and breadcrumbs on a spinach coulis. The spinach coulis is pretty simple, just boil spinach leaves for 2 minutes, refresh in iced water and drain. Bring some double cream to boil together with chopped shallot and smoked garlic, season and add some milk and puree all in a blender.

For the deep fried quail eggs boil eggs for 2 and a half minutes, then cool immediately in cold water and peel. Mix breadcrumbs and chopped macadamia nuts and coat the eggs using flour, eggs so the usual stuff. Heat a deep frier to 180°C and fry the eggs for 30 seconds. I think the result is just amazing! Ah and there was also some sauce, basically a reduced quail fond. Well that's it! Phew!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, they must taste really good! Quail eggs are so delicious!



Houdini said...

I am more than impressed is the least to say, flabbergasted rather, what a job you brought upon yourself.
How do you smoke garlic?

Manggy said...

Very impressed! You know, deep fried quail eggs are a street food in the Philippines (we call them kwek-kwek), but of course there's no millefeuille :)

Raindrop said...

A középső tojásos kép... olyan gusztusos, étvágygerjesztő fotót régen láttam!
A recept nem semmi, luxus kategória! :)

chriesi said...

@Rosa: Oh yeah they are!
@Houdini: Thanks. I do not smoke it myself, I bought them. If I am not mistaking it is a French speciality.
@Manggy: I gotta jump over then!
@Raindrop: köszönöm, a tojástól vagyok én is teljesen oda. :)

erős ildikó said...

Imádom az ötleteidet! A tojást én is ki akarom próbálni így, nagyon klassz lehet!

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