January 10, 2010

The result of inorganisation...

In the first post about my Christmas menu, I mentioned that I ended up in chaos! After the 3rd course, which was the most challenging to me, I was extremly exhausted.
Well, no wonder, after all I started the prepartions the day before, then I spent about 12 hours in the kitchen, it was loads of fun and I enjoyed every moment of it. I was quite happy and slept well. Actually the next day began pretty well (...except the spinach custard, that didn't set.), until I started the main course. I realised that I forgot to chop the vegetables in advance, but for God's sake I already reduced the red wine, so I only had to add the 2 liters of veal stock and reduce...I just thought oh gosh, that takes too long. Indeed it did! I only hoped
that the dessert is going to make them forget about the long waiting for the main course and the well done meat...I even forgot to serve the lime sorbet before the dessert! You can see how lost I have been, if you see how terrible the plate looks with the main course! Agree? Brrr! The only positive was that they loved the sauce and the though the meat was well done, it wasn't dry at all! Oh, I have even forget to mention what this course was: venison steak with dark chocolate sauce and root vegetables. Anyway, see you soon in my next post with the dessert!

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I bet it was fantastic no matter how the main course looked! anyway, it was made with love...



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