March 21, 2008

Asparagus Risotto with Zander


I bought some green asparagus and actually I wanted to cook a soup, but than I decided to make a risotto because it goes really well with zander. I served some sugar loaf salad with port wein dressing along with it. For the dressing I mixed, sherry vinager, port wein, red wine vinager, grape seed oil and some milk. I use milk instead of cream, just to save some calories.

500 g asparagus
1 shallot
5 tablespoon olive oil
250 g risotto rice
200 ml white wine

500 ml bouillon

50 g freshly grated parmesan

50 g butter
4 pieces of zander
salt, pepper

Peel asparagus, slice and cook in some salted water.
Heat olive oil, add chopped shallot and rice. Mix until rice is well covered with oil.
In a separate large saucepan bring the bouillon to simmer and add asparagus water to it, and keep it hot.
Add wine, increase heat to medium, and stir constantly. When the wine has been absorbed,
add a little of the hot bouillon.
Add salt and pepper.
Once the stock is absorbed, add a little more; repeat this process, stirring constantly, until the rice is cooked through.
Add some saffron.
After third portion of bouillon add asparagus.
Cook over medium heat, stirring, until the butter and parmesan melt.
Season with salt, pepper.
Salt zander. Heat butter, add chopped thyme and rosemary. Fry fish.

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test it comm said...

That looks like a tasty dinner!

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