March 13, 2008

Cucumber Salad Variations

There are many kinds of cucumber and they have a very wide range of taste: from watery to light melon taste. For me the most interesting ones are the indian Dosakai which are yellow and normally have a round shape. In two of the recepies I use English cucumbers which are nearly seedless, have a delicate skin which is pleasant to eat. In the other one Ridge cucumber which I think has much more taste than the English cucumber.

For the first type of salad, which is kind of Hungarian style I slice cucumber (English) with a mandoline and add some salt. The onion is also sliced. After a while I press the juice out of the cucumber. I prepare a simple
vinager "water" and mix with cucumber and onion and season with some pepper.

The second way of preparation is also common in Hungary. Here I prefer to use Ridge Cucumber which I slice thin, but defintly thicker than with a mandoline. I chop some spring onions. I mix some water with vinager, 1 teaspoon of sugar, add cucumber, onion. Add some sour cream on top, season with pepper and paprika.

For the thrid type I use English cucumber which I slice length with a help of a potato peeler. I slice some leek, season with salt and pepper and add simply some greek yoghurt.

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