March 31, 2008

Zucchini Ship

The kick in this recepie is the smoked cheese. Smoked cheese is any cheese that has been specially treated by smoke-curing. It has a yellowish-brown outer "skin," which is a result of this process.

4 zucchini
300 g cooked sweet corn
200 g sour cream
1 egg
smoked cheese
salt, pepper

Cut zucchini in half, remove seeds and cook for 4-5 minutes in boiling water. Cut down the grain of the sweet corn. Mix egg with sour cream, add sweet corn, salt, pepper and fill in the zucchini. Add grated smoked cheese on top and bake on 200°C until it is nice red.


Lore said...

This looks yummy!
Just the other night I made some cheese stuffed spicy zucchini but I used feta and just topped them with processed cheese. Will try your recipe ASAP!

Melita said...

Love zucchini! This recipe is great, also gives me more ideas!

SZINTIA said...

Nagyon finom lehet ez a Cukkini hajó!:)

SZINTIA said...

Én is elkészítettem, Isteni finom!:)
Köszönöm a receptet!


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