March 10, 2008

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

It is very time consuming to prepare this dish, as it takes a while to peel of the single leaves, but it is worth it.

500 g Brussels sprouts
250 g bacon
200 ml sour cream
100 ml bouillon

Peel off single leaves of each Brussels sprout.
Boil for about 5 minutes.
Fry bacon, add Brussels sprout leaves, bouillon. Cook some 2-3 minutes.
Add sour cream and cook for some more minutes.
Season with salt and pepper.


Alejandra Ramos said...

so delicious!! I did a roasted version last night, but I like your creamy recipe!

chriesi said...

I like the roasted version also. I marinate it with dijon mustard and some lemon juice with some chopped walnut.

test it comm said...

I have done brussels sprouts with bacon (a lot:)). I like the idea of adding the sour cream.

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