March 17, 2008

Panna cotta al limone

Panna cotta means literally "cooked cream", it refers to a creamy, dessert from Northern Italy. I like lemons very much, so I thought to make a lemon panna cotta for the very first time. I have never made any kind of it ever, because I thought this dessert is not my cup of tea. I have to say that I liked it, however as I felt, it is not really the type of dessert that I prefer.

100 ml lemon juice
4 tablespoon jam sugar

500 ml cream

5 tablespoon sugar
1 lemon juice and zest
2 gelatine foils

For the top cook lemon juice with jam sugar for about 5 minutes. Pour it in small forms and let it cool.

Cook cream with sugar and lemon zest for about 10 minutes. Add lemon juice and gelatine.
Fill into the forms and let it cool for 4 hours.


skoraq cooks said...

I love it already and I haven't tried that yet. It looks fabulous and it must have incredible taste.

Melita said...

I have never made it before; yours looks scrumptious!

Nina Timm said...

Silky, smooth and very cool. My kind of desert, for sure!

Deborah said...

I love lemon anything, and this sounds fantastic!

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