July 17, 2008

Sweet Corn

I love sweet corn since my childhood. Until today, if you ask me what is the best way to eat it, I am going to give the answer: cooked, sprinkled with some salt. If one has the chance to grill the corn, mmm that is even better! I am not a fan of corn with flavoured butter. I prefer it as it is.

However it is a pity that here you only get them without their leaves in the stores. It just does not have the same taste like cooked for 2-3 hours with some leaves on the bottom and top of the pot. In this post I wanted to share some photos I took of a nearby corn field from the moment it started to grow.

Here is my collection of maize, that I usually use to decorate the house in autumn.

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Millie said...

Those leaves are important! If you leave the corn in them, they somehow prevent the sugar turn into the taste will be as fresh, as sweet as it would be right after picking. But if you want the best corns ever, start boiling the water before you go out to pick them. I just read it in my Sliver Palate Cook Book!

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