May 6, 2009


Ever since I own Pierre Hermé's gorgeous chocolate dessert book I was planning to prepare the chocolate ice cream "soufflé". The recipe is actually be F. Daubos from Versailles. Yesterday finally I managed to do it! Among the chocolate version I also prepared a vanilla one infused with in Port wine poached rhubarb. Yeah I confess I am a rhubarb addict, but believe me you do not want to miss this combination! A month ago I candied some sweet violets and some daises that turned out to be a great decoration for this dessert. Especially because for the daises I used cinnamon sugar and that gave a nice light brown touch. If you wonder why the vanilla ice cream is so yellow, well the answer is going to follow in my next post.

250 ml milk

250 g sugar
8 egg yolks
375 g dark chocolate

450 ml cream

Heat milk with 150 g of sugar. Whisk yolks with the rest of the sugar and add it to the hot milk while whisking. Let it thicken over low heat while stirring constantly. Let it cool while whisking with a mixer. Melt chocolate over steam and stir a third of the beaten cream in the molten chocolate. Add the cooled egg-cream and the rest of the beaten cream. Spoon into souffle forms, that you prepared previously this way: cut a piece of baking paper and fold it into a ring then place it into the form, this way you can fill it higher than the form actually is. But it is easier if you have a dessert ring and you place it on top of the form and fill it with baking paper, that way it is going to be easier to unpack the ice cream. Freeze for 2-3 hours.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Beautiful! These ice cream soufflés look delightful!



Anonymous said...

This is truly amazing and beautiful. Bravo!

Manggy said...

Ooh, it's melting-- needs to be finished quickly! Need any help eating it? ;)

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