May 8, 2009

Fish terrine

American plaice, Yellowtail flounder, Winter flounder, Flounder/sole from the Atlantic Ocean, Southern flounder, Summer flounder, Witch flounder

Mahimahi from U.S. caught by troll/pole

After my bread-baking-attack last evening, my head was still full of ideas. Honestly, it still hasn't stopped, because my newest idea is already on a piece of paper waiting for me to get to kitchen and figure out the recipe for it. So last evening I could hardly wait for the morning because I had the idea of a fish dish for today's lunch that I just had to try immediately. I have to mention that yesterday I cooked green fir "honey" out of fir shoots and that brought me to the idea for the dish. The recipe for that is going to follow soon. So the key part was the chicorée glazed with fir "honey" and I built up the rest around it. I had a piece of mahi mahi and some lemon sole fillets that I combined in a fish terrine and served among mashed potatoes with dijon mustard in a lemon-dill sauce. I was really happy with the result, and I can't wait to test it on some guests.

150 g lemon sole
100 g mahi mahi

125 ml cream
1 egg white
lemon juice

salt, pepper
50 g butter

1 shallot
100 ml fish stock
50 ml white wine

1 egg yolk
40 ml cream
juice of a 1/2 lemon

For the fish terrine dice half of the fish and mash in a mixer together with the cream and egg white. Season with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Butter a terrine form and spoon half of the batter into it, place the rest of the fish on it and cover with the rest of the fish farce. Place it on a baking shett filled with water and cook it on 140°C for about 30 minutes. For the sauce melt butter, add shallot and fry until stewed, add white wine, fish stock and reduce half. Beat cream, mix to the egg yolk and add to the reduction while stirring, then remove from the heat and beat for some more minutes. Season with salt, pepper, dill and lemon juice.

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woah...that's totally superb!

Great post...thanks for sharing. Maybe I will try it out someday

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