May 10, 2009

Fish stock

There is a smaller bunch of desserts waiting to be posted, but now it is time to share the fish stock recipe I used on friday. Generally flatfsh is the best to use for cooking stock, because that gives a strong aroma.


200-300 g fish bones (and/or other parts)
2 celery stalks
1 carrot
1 onion
30-50 ml sherry or white wine
1 bay leaf
about 10 coriander seeds

Slice vegetables and put everything into a pot. Pour water over it so that is about 2 fingers high above the fish parts. Bring it right under the boiling point and cook for about 20 minutes.


Elize said...

how long can we keep the fish stock in the freezer?

chriesi said...

It is the best to use it within 3 months.

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