May 20, 2009

Zander with red wine sauce


It seems that fish is my new passion and it is never enough! I am already craving for the next fish dish, although it was today's lunch. In the morning I was chatting with my mom and she told me how she prepared spring potatoes some days ago I tried it today and I love it. It is really easy and the result is totally yummy. So here it is how it goes: clean potatoes under running water with a help of a sponge, so that the skin is removed but not the whole. Heat a bit of oil and add potatoes among some salt and cover, and let it cook that way for 20 minutes on medium heat. No water needed, therefore you will have the pure taste of the potato!

50 g carrot
50 g celery
50 g shallot

1 bunch of fresh coriander root
200 ml red wine
100 ml port wein
200 ml beef jus

80 g cold butter
salt, pepper

Chop vegetables and stew in oil among fish parts (that u got left from the zander). Add both wines and reduce half. Sieve, add veal stock and cook until reduced half. Season with salt and pepper. Serve among the above mentioned potatoes and fried zander.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A fabulous dish! So well presented and really delicious looking!



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