May 8, 2009

Pain d'Epi

Yesterday evening I felt like baking bread, but I didn't want to stand in the kitchen for hours. Luckily, I found a fast and delicious recipe for Pain d'Epi - wheat stalk bread. It was so far the most delicious bread that has left my oven. As you will recognise on the photos, when forming the bread, I forgot to turn the pieces from one side to the other.

350 g bran flour
150 g whole wheat flour

200 ml water
200 ml yoghurt
6 g active dry yeast

1 tabelspoon salt

For the mix all ingredients together and knead for about 3 minutes until it becomes smooth. Set aside and let it raise for 30 minutes. Form a bread of 45 cm long and place it on a baking sheet with baking paper (you can also bake it on a stone if you got) and with a help of scissors cut it 6 times on the right side and turn every second piece to the left and let it raise for
another 30 minutes. Bake on 180°C for about 40 mintues.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a beautiful loaf! I love that wonderful crust...



Houdini said...

The bread looks great, mega, but please tell me what is bran flour, either a description in English or the German word. I know bran, and I found "reduced bran flour" to be sifted whole weat flour to contain e.g. 20% of the original bran content.
Further comment: I use much less salt in my breads, was it not too salty?

chriesi said...

Bran flour isch theoreisch Ruchmehl :) nope the bread wasnt too salty, but we taste all different

Millie said...

Most én is kedvet kaptam a sütéshez!!!

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