May 19, 2008

Shortcrust screwed up!

I was wondering if I should post about this or not. I am here writing a few lines about today's lunch. I received a bunch of beautiful swiss green asparagus. Fresh and thin.

I had the idea to bake sort of a quiche. For this purpose I wanted to use that gorgeous and absolutely yummy Velouté sauce that I prepared lately. I already felt the taste explosion in my mouth: asparagus, Emmentaler, Black Forest ham and THE sauce with a crispy pastry. Well the crust was a huge catastrophy. I guess I did not bake it long enough. I prepared it out of flour and grated almonds. No matter why, but fact is I screwed it up. Still the sauce and the asparagus with the cheese...mmm that was yummy with some bread. For sure I am going to try again, but then with a traditional and not experimental pastry.


Lore said...

Sorry to hear about the crust but happy to find out about the topping :). You should try to perfect the crust's recipe.

Millie said...

Good decisions come frome experience.
Experience comes from bad decisions!

I know you will master that crust one day :-D

By the way, i am making your PH chocolate-orange cake tomorrow!!!

test it comm said...

That quiche sounds really good. I have been having problems with crusts as well.

Vicki said...

Must be something going around, I did asparagus on puff pastry, and the pastry was bleh.

Amy J. said...

Well, I still think it looks great! I love asparagus.

Chibog in Chief said...

screwed up or not..asparagus is always good!!i like this idea of asparagus in quiche..i think i will try to do it too :-)

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