April 10, 2008

The Bison Supremacy

While standing in the kitchen, peeling asparagus and listening to the raindrops knocking on the window, I was wondering how I should prepare those two perfect slices of bison entrecôte.

I decided to leave it natural without a marinade, because I wanted to feel the real taste. This gave me the perfect occassion to finally open the glass of the Portuguese flor de sal. I prepared some herb butter, and all of a sudden I knew that I am going to make French fries because that is simply the perfect match. I was guessing about the bison meat taste in comparison to the beef which I made last time instead of bison as it was sold out. It seems to be a bison hype out there that I understand now! Bison is the most tender meat I have ever tasted! It is simply superior. It deserves a big wow! I have never been a huge fan of beef because for me it always was somehow too heavy and too intense. Bison is a lot more delcious and somehow I feel it really does not need anything but a pinch of salt before serving. A little piece of herb butter adds to it and brings its fantastic aromas to an explosion in your mouth.

2 bison entrecôte
flor de sal
100 g butter
1 twig rosemary

2 twigs thyme
3-4 sage leaves

1 bunch of parsley
1 tablespoon dijon mustard
salt, pepper

Chop herbs. With a hand mixer beat butter until frothy, add mustard, salt, pepper. With a wooden spoon stir in herbs and form a roll with a help of a sheet baking paper.

Leave it for 1 hour in the fridge.
Slice potatoes and deep fry in oil. At the end add salt.

Heat butter on medium temperature and fry bison entrecôte.
3/4-1 minute if you want it rare, 1 1/2 for medium rare, 2 1/2 medium and for 4 minutes if you want it well done. This applies for an entrecôte that is about 150 g. When fried season with flor de sal.

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LittleAngel said...

Ohh God, I think this meat is georgous :)))

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