April 16, 2008

On the run

These days I had no time to cook, but still my goal is always to have a warm dish for lunch. As it is finally spring it is nice to have something green on the plate. That is why I got some peas out of the freezer and cooked this quick and tasty pea puree, that I served with crispy bacon.

400 g peas
1 tablespoon oil

1 tablespoon flour
1 teaspoon paprika powder

Cook peas for 15 minutes in bouillon, so that they are slightly covered. Puree after and with a help of a sifter sieve the puree. Heat oil, add paprika and flour and add to the puree. Cook i
t for a minute and serve.


Finla said...

Looks so good and love the colour

Beachlover said...

the color look it!!

Mama Mia said...

what a great blog with beautiful photos! love it!

Elle said...

That is a beautiful soup - the colour is amazing! What did you put on top?

chriesi said...

Thanks Lina!
@ellie I put on top some bacon.

Melita said...

Color is so beautiful! Sounds great, I love greens (well, except broccoli)! :)

Amy J. said...

Mmmmm, I bet the bacon with that was wondeful!

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