April 7, 2008

Nine Inch Nail

On the last weekend I was eagerly searching for a nail, of course I have not found a nine inch nail, but it was certinaly long enough.

So I grabbed the shiny, but not tiny nail and a hammer. My mission was clear: open the coconut. I already imagined what I am gonna do out of its white and sparking flesh. A part I wanted to grate, from the rest with the juice I planned to make some ice cream or rather some cookies. Loaded with plans I was creeping to the coconut and with a sudden move it was in my hands. Luckily I have had a helping hand who took the hammer and cracked three holes into the coconut so that its juice could flow into a glass. It was quite a lot which opened a new horizont for my plans. I was even happier when we managed to open it. It was almost a perfect round, like the coconut would have lost its hat. I saw those yummy cold coconut ice cream balls posing in there for my photos.

So next step to remove the rest of the hard parts. While I was collecting the flying coconut rinds and the white treasure from inside I have realised that something is wrong with it.

After I have tasted a bit I was sure it is mold! My plans crashed! The whole thing landed in the compost. What a pity. All that work for nothing, almost nothing. I was happy because at least I made a lot of photos. While selecting them for the blog I have realised that on one of them the mold was visible. If you click on it you can see some white parts. I did not see this in the shop.

Either I need glasses or I have to take my camera with me for the next coconut adventure!


Chris said...

Bake for 5 minutes at about 400 degrees. Tap lightly.

The outer husk will practically fall off in your hands.

Aimée said...

Beautiful dish! I think most people would be surprised at how tasty bison is.

melly~ said...

excellent photos!

No Recipes said...

If you can get ahold of fresh coconuts (often available at asian groceries), give them a go. They're a lot easier to open (since they're not all dried out) and they taste a lot better.

ICook4Fun said...

I will normally used frozen fresh coconut as the one sold at the supermarket might not be fresh and too much work to grate them too :)

chriesi said...

Thank you all! I want to buy fresh coconut since long I think now it is time!

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