April 23, 2008

Mr. Pomelo and the bittersweet seduction

Let me introduce Mr. Pomelo to you. We had our very first date today afternoon. First I thought he is charming, but after removing his yellow-green cloth I was disappointed. Only that small? The whole pomelo only so so so small under that thick peel? I was a bit shocked. Not bigger than an ordinary grapefruit.

Nevertheless our first kiss was an explosion. I loved his taste. Mmm... I saw on the sideboard Miss Ananas waiting and looking pretty sad. I felt I must introduce them each other. All of a sudden I rememered a recepie from Pierre Hermé that I have seen on a website published by Dorie Greenspan. Once more I was disappointed! No orange marmalde in my pantry and no way to get a glass! I looked at Mr. Pomelo and decided to cook a syrup out of him and use that instead of the marmalde. The dessert was a truly bittersweet dream. A lovely harmony between the coconuty tapioca and the pomelo syrup marinated ananas with the touch of the parfume of the lime zest!

What I most love about pomelo is the way how the fruit flesh can be peeled! I had some problems with drying the pineapple because it was almost impossible to me to slice it thin enough, however they tasted great!

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