April 8, 2008

Missing Ingredients

It had to be prepared fast, yeah I am writing about today's lunch. As I have discovered three bottles of teriyaki sauce in my pantry I knew I am gonna make teriyaki chicken with some bean sprouts. I confess, I have another two bottles in the fridge... Anyway I think teriyaki chicken tastes best when it is fried in peanut oil. I am tired of cooked rice so my plan was to prepare fried rice. However the only vegetable I found was carrot so no other ingredients for the rice. Nevertheless all together harmonised great and it was a yummy lunch.

1 cup rice
peanut oil
1 piece of ginger
chili powder

2 carrots
1 egg
2 chicken breasts
teriyaki sauce
200 g bean sprouts

2 spring onions
dark soy sauce
oyster sauce
Cook rice and let it cool. Actually it should be in the fridge over night. Marinate sliced chicken breasts in teriyaki sauce for at least 20 minutes. Heat oil, add ginger and chili, chopped carrot. Stir in rice and move all to the side of the wok. Add whisked egg and after it is fried mix with the rice. Fry chicken in peanut oil. In another saucepan heat oil, add bean sprouts and spring onion and fry with some dark soy sauce and oyster sauce.


Finla said...

Love the last pic and my my 3 + 2 bottle of teriyaki sauce.
So we will be seeing more of the use this sauce.

DocChuck said...

SOY SAUCE is to me one of the MOST DISGUSTING ingredients on the planet. I wish that ALL soy sauce would stay in china.

AS a PROFESSIONAL CHEF who graduated from Peter Kump's Culinary Institute in Brooklyn, NY, I would NEVER use the disgusting concoction on any food.

All it does, is RUIN the taste of the food.


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