February 19, 2008

Braided Buns - a treasured family recepie

When I was a child I was always fascinated about these little braided buns and watched with big eyes my mom making them. I still love the smell of the old piece of paper where the recepie is written. These braided buns you can eat with marmalade, honey or on their own, but traditonally we fill them with a butter-cheese-cream with a hint of onion and Hungarian paprika paste.

1000 g flour
6 dl milk

50 g sugar
2,5 tablespoon salt
2 eggs
50 g yeast
6 tablespoon oil

250 g butter

Warm milk a bit, it should be lukewarm.
Crumble yeast in a bowl, add sugar and lukewarm milk.
Wait until yeast "swim" on top.
Sieve flour, add eggs, salt and knead a dough.
As soon as it is kneaded well add oil and knead on as long as your hands are almost clean.
Leave for an hour in a warm place.

Roll out dough and with a glass or a cookie cutter cut circeles out of it.
Preheat oven to 200°C.

Take each time two circles and braid. Brush each with egg, so that it gets a nice colour.
Melt butter, and after the buns are already red pour melted butter on them and put back for a short while.

For the filling:
250 g butter
200 g grated ementaler cheese
1 small onion, grated
1 teaspoon hungarian goulash cream

Mix butter with grated cheese, onion and goulasch cream.


lovely addiction- said...

Hey you mentioned "6dl milk" what does 'dl' actually represent? Thanks! And gorgeous, delish-looking buns!

chriesi said...

Hi, thanks for your comment.
6 dl=600 ml, I hope this helps.

Melita said...

These buns ended up on my "to do list"! :)

chriesi said...

That is nice. I hope you gonna have fun making them. :)

Lindsey said...

OHH!! How beautiful. I HAVE to make these. Could you post the recipe for the 'filling' too? I think they'd be great that way.

chriesi said...

Thanks. I have added the filling recepie in this post. Hope you gonna like it.

Brilynn said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous, perfect colour!

Jeanne said...

those are adorable! I love braided bread, and great things are always better in smaller portions! Can you please post how to braid them? I don't know how to braid them into the cute little rounds you did.

Madeline said...

These are so pretty, your photos are gorgeous! They sound so good I can't wait to make them.

chriesi said...

Thanks everyone. :) I am gonna bake some today and make some step by step photos and post later on.

glacial said...

Hi there,

Your buns look fantastic, I'd like to try to make them but
I'm afraid, it's not clear to me how to braid what you call the 2 circles.

Any help is much appreciated.

chriesi said...

I am sorry, I have only seen this comment now. :(

See here how to braid.

R said...

Hi, Chriesi. What is Hungarian goulash cream? The link doesn't work.

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