March 7, 2008

Root Source Challenge #5: Maple Syrup

Here is my recepie for the Root Source Challenge #5 featuring maple syrup. I made a maple-walnut ice-cream, which I deep fried in a coconut crust. Served with some chopped walnut and of course some maple syrup. You can substitute walnuts through pecans.

3 egg yolk
170 ml maple syrup
8 g vanilla sugar

250 ml milk
200 ml cream
handful of walnut

coconut flakes
2 egg white


Beat egg yolks with vanilla and maple syrup. Add milk while stirring constantly.
Whip the cream until almost stiff.

Combine with whipping cream and pour into the ice cream maker. Add chopped, roasted walnut flakes to the mixture halfway through the preparation time.

Form balls out of the ice cream and freeze for another hour.
Take a ball and roll in flour, mix egg white with a little water and beat slightly. Roll floured ice cream ball in egg white and roll in coconut flakes. Freeze for another hour. Than do it again but without the flour part, and this time add breadcrumbs to the coconut flakes. Deep fry in oil and serve with maple syrup and chopped walnuts.


michelle @ thursday night smackdown said...

ice cream + fried = best thing in the world.

test it comm said...

Great job deep frying your own ice cream! It looks good!

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