February 20, 2008

Chocolate Bugnes

It is a recepie from O. Buisson. Bugnets are a culinary speciality from central-eastern France, including Lyon and Saint-Étienne, closely related to beignets. It is a traditional carnival speciality.

330 g flour

40 g cocoa
4 eggs
50 g honey

25 g yeast
7 g salt
250 g butter
70 ml milk
oil for frying
chocolate for coating

powder sugar

A day before prepare dough.
Add flour, cocoa, eggs, honey, yeast and salt. Knead a dough.
Stear butter in another bowl and after knead it into the dough.
Add milk and knead it together.
Leave over night in the fridge.

Dough before cooling:

Dough the next day:

Roll out dough about 4 mm and cut 8 cm wide rhombus out of them and cut a 2 cm long hole in the middle, and take one edge through it.

Leave it for 30 minutes on a cold place.
Fry in oil about 3-4 minutes.
After they are cool, coat on one half chocolate on the other powder sugar and serve.

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