February 21, 2008

Hungarian stuffed Cabbage

Normally hungarian stuffed cabbage are huge cabbage leaves filled with pork-rice mixture. In our family we make them really small, as long as my small finger. My mom is from Transylvania and I have learnt this from her.

1000 g pork hash
1 cup rice
2 onions
0,5 dl oil
1 egg

salt, pepper
hungarian paprika
sauerkraut leaves
smoked sausage
smoked ham

1 tablespoon sugar

Add uncooked rice, spices, fried onion, egg, oil to minced pork and mix it well.
Cut saurkraut leaves as small as you like and fill with minced pork mixture.
You should check how sour the sauerkraut is, and you can leave it in water to reduce the sourness.
In a huge pot put sauerkraut, one level stuffed cabbage, sausage and ham.
When it is full add water, a tablespoon sugar and cook really slow for 2 hours.


Unknown said...

that looks awesome but which photo shows the finished product? can you post one?

Madeline said...

I love making cabbage rolls but they are never as perfect as these ones! Great job on the rolling, it's not easy to get them that nice ;)

chriesi said...

Thank you both.
Well the finished product you see on the first picture.

micul said...

That looks great, and i love to eat them, but the recipe is not hungarian.It is romanian.

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